Informācijas nodrošināšana(English)(1),23/24-V

The Modern Business Intelligence for data-driven decision-making course is a 14-week program specifically designed for all levels of managers and knowledge workers. The main goal of the course is to give an understanding of modern BI approaches and techniques and get practical skills working with the leading BI platform – Microsoft Power BI.
This course aims to give students an understanding of the role of Business Intelligence concepts, approaches and technologies in a modern business environment. At the same providing practical experience and deep dive into one of the most popular Self-Service BI tools – Microsoft Power BI to create skills for ad-hoc analysis and data preparation for decision-making on any managerial level.
Every lecture will include practical work with Microsoft Power BI Desktop and other tools.’
Other unique aspects of the course include:
- Focuses on how organisations build capabilities using BI;
- Sharing best practices – globally and from Latvia – in the area of BI;
- Build practical skills in using Microsoft Power BI.