Ģenētika un genomika(English)(1),23/24-P

Study course is implemented by the University of Latvia, study course developer is Nils Rostoks.
Upon completion of the study course students will understand basic concepts in genetics and the link between classic and molecular genetics. Students are expected to become familiar with general applications of bioinformatics in different fields of experimental biology. To achieve these goals, students are expected to master the theoretical part of the study course and to solve specific problems using bioinformatics approach.
Full study course description: https://www.lu.lv/studijas/studiju-celvedis/programmu-un-kursu-katalogi/kursu-katalogs/?tx_lustudycatalogue_pi1[action]=detail&tx_lustudycatalogue_pi1[controller]=Course&tx_lustudycatalogue_pi1[course]=Biol2052