Elektroenerģētisko sistēmu drošums(English)(1),23/24-P

During the teaching of study course, the theoretical fundamentals of theory are provided to students, as well as reliability calculation methods, using both theoretical and practical, and also after power supply companies, i.e. in transmission and distribution system operators. During the theoretical study course the main accent will be made to the main reliability criteria – identification and calculation of energy not supply. The peculiarities of reliability criteria establishing in all power system stages are shown, as well as shown which companies are responsible for ensuring such reliability criteria and with which methods it is done. In the chapter on distribution system reliability evaluation and calculation, the reliability evaluation methods of smart grids and possible criteria and tools for these issues are reviewed. From theoretical questions, the following is reviewed: intensity of faults, its parameters, models of power system faults, as well as power mathematical models of systems functioning. During the teaching of the study course, the reliability analysis methods of power system structure and functioning and efficiency of system functioning are reviewing.