Bakalaura darbs(English)(1),22/23-P

Bachelor thesis as a part of state examination shows competences and skills of the student in solving tasks as apparel and textile manufacturing engineer, as well as readiness for future studies in higher educational programs. Bachelor thesis is a theoretical or practical analytic research of textile field problem, which is to be worked out in a logical sequence corresponding to the chosen topic.
Themes of the bachelor thesis concern design of textile product or process, which has been chosen based on research of the market and fashion trends, choosing the appropriate equipment for the technologies and manufacturing, elaboration of the project for production unit.
Statement of reasons, problems which should be solved and the objectives of the thesis should be included.
Analytical report of the theme, accomplished researches or technological estimations should be covered in separate chapters. Conclusion and propositions should be stated in the last chapter. Declaration of bibliography is mandatory.
Drawing up of the thesis should be made according to requirements stated in “Guidelines of drawing up final thesis” (“Norādījumi studiju noslēguma darbu normēšanai”), issued by RTU in 2001.