Maģistra darbs(English)(1),22/23-R

The acquisition of the prof. master's study program is concluded by a state examination, a part of which is the master's thesis development and defence. The master's thesis is a comprehensive and in-depth study that demonstrates the competence of the master student, in accordance with the professional standard of “Leading Electronics Engineer” and 7. LQF level. The master's thesis is developed according to the student's chosen topic, which is determined by supervisor (lecturer or industry representative), and approved by the head of the responsible structural unit of RTU.
The work reflects the author's original research, development and design results that provide a qualitative contribution to the development of the specific device or system as well as to the industry as a whole. The thesis demonstrates the Master's student's ability to perform high-complexity electronic equipment and systems development; to perform the analysis of the state of the problem, to substantiate the choice of the research methodologies, to perform computer modelling and experiments; to integrate knowledge from different fields, contributing to the creation of new knowledge, research or the development of professional methods. The master's thesis is publicly defended in the State Examination Commission. The commission operates in accordance with the approval of the University Senate regulations, including both the academic staff of the university and representatives of the industry.