Tēma Nosaukums Apraksts
Fails IP_2013_Programme.xls
Tēma 2 Mape Lecture on the essence and differences of multidisciplinary (MD), interdisciplinary (ID) and transdisciplinary (TD) researches
Mape Workshop on the identification of multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary character of researches
Mape Finance & Law approaches to business research
Tēma 3 Mape Lecture on cross-cultural peculiarities while conducting researches
Tēma 4 Mape Lecture and workshop on how to write interdisciplinary research papers in cross-cultural team.
Mape The application of the portfolio decision
Mape Morphological approach to non-quantified modeling
Tēma 5 Mape University Gheorghe Asachi, Romania
Mape Guest lecture delivered by a researcher (CE Services)
Mape Workshop on the analysis of success factors for conducting high quality interdisciplinary research
Mape Guest lecture delivered by a community partner (J.Prūsis, Riga City Council)
Tēma 6 Mape Lecture on the holistic / systemic approach to the solution of complex research problems
Tēma 7 Mape Business Process Managing and Supply Chain Problem Solving
Tēma 8 Mape Field research. Group work on preparing research proposal.
Tēma 9 Mape Visiting research laboratories and companies.
Tēma 10 Mape The CASE Study as a Research Strategy.
Mape Presentations