Visaptverošā kvalitātes vadība(English)(1),14/15-R

Quality management is among the essential elements of operational management of organisations. Nowadays the concept “quality management” has obtained much wider meaning and importance. Now it is applied not only to production, but also to provision of services and event the public administration sector. It would be hard to find any area, where improvement of quality of products or services would not be the basic criteria for obtaining and maintaining customers and more efficient operations.

Within the framework of the course attention will be focused on management quality. Organisations have to be managed and this is the task of managers. Execution of the right things at the right moment is one of the most important tasks of business administration. We do not speak about being the best organisation, instead, we have to speak about how to survive under the conditions of global competition.

Within the framework of the course students will understand the place and role of quality management in the management of organisation, as well as master skills for using various management tools and methods. The course comprises the following basic topics: Customer focus; Process and product quality planning; Process management; Control systems; Continuous improvement.