Introduction to IoT technologies and applications

Recent years IoT became centre of interest of research, engineering and business. Well trained engineers became more and more attractive, once they possess IoT skills. There is a number of positions opening in various branches like the heavy industry as well as startups and R&D. IoT seems to be an answer for optimizing energy use, automating daily tasks and introducing automation in daily use of individuals.
In this course we present a crash course on IoT for total geeks, starting from considerations what exactly IoT is, through hardware, software, programming of end node devices and networking. We also introduce IoT data management and security.

The goal of this course is to provide comprehensive guidance to the students about IoT with particular respect to the end node devices, sensors, actuators and their programming. Once finished, students should understand how to design, plan and implement IoT solutions for various areas like i.e. smart home. Once graduated, students should understand what IoT is, how it works on the sensing and fog layers, introduce and implement appropriate networking solution for IoT devices, understand data flow in IoT systems and identify risks and potential threats.