Ievads digitālajās humanitārajās zinātnēs(English)(1),19/20-P

This course provides an introduction to the research field of digital humanities (“DH”), where humanistic inquiry meets digital technology. We will investigate the emerging field of digital humanities by examining the activities, platforms, tools, projects, and critical perspectives that constitute its current core practices. The focus within given course is on thorough comprehension and detailed analysis of the basic components of a digital project and on how the decisions we make at any point in a project affect the outcome. Within the framework of the given course we will observe the difference between the world as we experience it and the world as the computer can capture it. The course will explore such conceptual issues as digital mapping, text analysis, information visualization, interface and metadata and network analysis. On the completion of the study course the students will become familiar with the main concepts and various digital tolls applicable to conduct research in the given field. Discussions and workshops assume no prior knowledge of the field or preexisting technical or linguistic and/or social competencies.