Maģistra darbs(English)(1),19/20-P

Completing the Academic Master Study Programme, students develop the Master Paper amounting to 20 credit points. The MP consists of two parts: theoretical part and practical part, i.e. a project. Special Regulations define the content, subject, volume, supervisor, reviewing and defense procedures of the Master Paper. A list of possible MP themes is approved at a meeting of the Council of the Faculty of E-Learning Technologies and Humanities. Students develop their MP independently during the last semester of their studies consulting both the supervisor and an expert in the respective technical field.
In the theoretical part of the MP students investigate a selected aspect of digital humanities, present a survey of the relevant literature. The project part of the MP presents a case study on 1) the challenges of meaning representation exploiting, tailoring, approbating and developing a technology, web application or model; 2) the development, practical application and approbation of a technology, web application or model, e.g. a description of a developed e-leaning course, computer software, web page development project, etc.; 3) the challenges in representation, processing and transfer of multimodal and intersemiotic information.