Ievads zināšanu sabiedrības tehnoloģijās(English)(1),19/20-R

Knowledge society is in bases of all modern innovations and knowledge development since the beginning of 21st century. In this course we are going to learn about the knowledge society technologies developed from second half of 20th century to nowadays.
During the course of study students will look at different examples of computer systems, hardware and software, and learn about the different hardware and software components that together form a computer system. Top-down view of a computer system (whether PC, games console or mobile device) is formed, students learn about how computer processors are built up from simple digital logic circuits into distinct components and then to complete CPUs and GPUs.
The course will also introduce students with networking basics – the set-up, configuration and best approach to network administration. A broad view of the operating systems and software environments in today’s computers will be complemented by a machine level view. This moves from the machine code used by computers, to the high-level programming languages favored by human programmers and the processes by which these are translated into machine code for execution on the computer. The course also introduces the topics: Internet, Network and Applications Security. Computers and processors are now an ever present part of normal life, found not only in PCs, but in mobile phones, digital cameras, games consoles and in a myriad of places around the home and workplace. Security is now a core requirement when creating systems and software. This course will introduce students to some of the fundamentals of computer security including internet threats, network security and application security.
At the end of the course, student will look at the future development of knowledge society technology and state of the art inventions.