Ievads programmēšanā, e-studiju materiālu izstrāde un izglītības tehnoloģijas(English)(1),19/20-R

The aim of the course is to enhance students’ perspectives and views of programming, technology as it relates to teaching, learning and training, as well as to enhance their skills of e-learning development and application.
The content of the course consists of two parts:
The first part of this course teaches students to quickly start and apply basic programming skills to create a computer game by applying object oriented concepts. This course brings the physical dimension of experiences to integrate within the game application being developed. The course is intended to give a glimpse of how a programming language be used to practically implement an idea, so that, students with or without programming experience can start-off working with various aspects of digital technology.
In the second part students will explore multidisciplinary interconnections between pedagogy, technology, cognitive science, graphic design, software engineering, and human-computer interaction. Students will be introduced to best practice of online education and e-learning development and delivery. They will practice in creation of variety of e-learning materials and activity types as well as in meaningful application of associated learning theories.