Nekustamo īpašumu vizuālās vides plānošana(English)(1),19/20-R

The program provides an opportunity to gain the knowledge about the visual environment planning theory and evaluation methods.
During the study process the questions related to life quality standards for real estate are discovered on the basis of Scandinavian developed and applied standards of real estate development market.
The program includes visual environment planning principles to solve the cases related to practical techniques for designing real estate interior and exterior elements and components.
Visual environment planning aspects of developing projects in a multicultural international environment are reviewed.
The program includes review of communication and strategy methods, related to cooperation with architects, designers, customers, builders, etc., managing real estate visual environment planning projects.
Practical part of the program is the simulation of visual environment planning project; Skills related to teamwork, development of visual environment planning concept are acquired. Application of gained knowledge in practice and presentation of the result.
The program has a social and economic basis for successful real estate project development on Latvian and international markets.